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Test Center:IT Bangla Ltd

Address: 32 Topkhana Road, Chattagram Bhaban, 3rd Floor, Near Press Club, Dhaka, 1000, Bangladesh

Telephone: +8801747685578

Test Center in Dhaka
Local Test Centers Address :
IT Bangla Ltd
32 Topkhana Road
Chattagram Bhaban, 3rd Floor
Near Press Club
Dhaka, 1000
Directions :

Our test center is located in 32 Topkhana Road which is North side of Secretariate. Just beside the main road there is a building named Meherba Plaza. Chattagram Bhaban is Just Beside the Meherba Plaza. IT Bangla is in the third floor of Chattagram Bhaban.

For any further query, feel free to contact with us.


Contact Person : MD. SHAHIN HOSAN
(Manager IT Bangla Testing Center)
Website : www.itbangla.net
email : testingcenter@itbangla.net
Mobile : +88 01747685578
Land Phone : +8802 9557053